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We specialize in pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Click here to go direct to the tour description.

Join us on a journey of the heart that goes beyond the ordinary, guiding you towards self-discovery and soulful connections. Celebrate life through Pilgrimage!

Experience more than mere tourist travel – our meticulously curated trips are designed to nurture your soul and awaken your spirit.

What is a Pilgrimage?

Life itself is a pilgrimage! Step out of your comfort zone and embark on a sacred journey to answer your own questions, or simply be a pilgrim for shear joy and the recharging peace of pilgrimage. You deserve inner renewal.

Discover the transformative power of pilgrimage as you walk in the footsteps of pilgrims, saints and spiritual masters.

Spirit as Your Compass

At Soul Journey Tours, we specialize in crafting expertly curated trips guided by Spirit. Experience the transformative power of pilgrimage with our luxury group tours.

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Experience the joy of spiritual pilgrimage, curated by seasoned leaders, blending exquisite accommodation, delicious meals, and soul-enriching activities. Here's why we're your top choice for a transformative journey.

Seasoned Pilgrimage Guides

We're not just tour guides; we're experienced pilgrimage leaders with a proven track record. With a wealth of glowing testimonials, we can deliver an unparalleled spiritual journey.

Charming Upscale Superior Old-World Accommodations

Trade the crowded dormitory-style rooms and communal bathrooms for our elegant old-world lodgings, each offering the privacy and comfort of ensuite bathrooms.

Finding Hidden Spiritual Gems

Our uniquely curated itineraries explore sacred spaces and hidden chapels, deepening your connection to the divine and the ancient pilgrim routes.

Enjoy a Pilgrimage of Spiritually-Like-Minded Souls

Why journey alone when you can walk in the company of a spiritually attuned pilgrim community? Our groups are made up of individuals who share your quest for spiritual enrichment and fulfillment.

Culinary Delights Included

Forget the stress of finding the right eating spots. We've done the homework, identifying local eateries that offer lovely, often home-prepared, soul-nourishing meals.

Daily Doses of Spiritual Inspiration

Keep your spiritual journey alive with our optional morning meditations, uplifting affirmations and mindfulness, all designed to align your pilgrimage with your innermost spiritual goals.

Lifelong Friendships Await

Our intimate group settings create the perfect ambiance for forging friendships that often last a lifetime, enriching your spiritual journey both during and long after the pilgrimage.


Voices of the Journey: Real Stories from Past Pilgrims

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Pilgrimage Inspiration in Our Current Blog Posts

The Camino is a Canvas of Joy

The Camino is more than a path; it’s a canvas blending culture, nature, and spirit, connecting pilgrims worldwide on a quest for meaning. Join the transformative journey of self-discovery and communal memory-making on my sixth time walking the Camino.

Winter Now, Looking Towards Summer

In Northern California, a winter storm rages, yet Sitabai looks forward to guiding a heartful Camino pilgrimage in 2024, enriched with unity, self-discovery, and peace.

“The Camino Provides”

Setting out on the Camino de Santiago, Sitabai encountered profound transformation and pilgrim camaraderie. Despite challenges, her saving mantra “The Camino Provides,” in which she experienced trust, support, and the Camino’s abundant blessings, made her pilgrimage a truly spiritual journey.

Conquering Camino Fears: A Personal Journey

In 2017, battling an illness and filled with uncertainties, I embraced the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, transforming fear into a spiritual journey of self-discovery and connection. Now, I invite others to join this transformative walk in September, promising rest, recharge, and celebration. ~ Sitabai

Why Walk the Camino de Santiago? Transformation & Joy

Join a transformative Camino de Santiago pilgrimage this September. Following her own call to walk the Camino, Sitabai’s life was changed and she invites you now to a soulful journey of joy with fellow pilgrims.

Camino Camaraderie

On a solo pilgrimage in 2017, Sitabai discovered the joy of Camino’s walking community, forging strong bonds through shared experiences. Now leading group pilgrimage walks, Sitabai shares the transformative power of the Camino with all her group walkers.