Conquering Camino Fears: A Personal Journey

Open Door on the Camino

Don’t let the unknown stop you. Share the Camino journey with me!

A Leap of Faith

In 2017, despite battling an illness that made “ordinary” difficult (an illness I thankfully no longer have), I dared to dream of walking the remarkable Camino de Santiago in Spain, beginning in France. But, given my stress-filled life, I asked myself, “Why embark on a journey filled with so many unknowns?”

Why indeed? 🤔

Could I handle it? The special diet I had, the special shoes I’d need, the travel logistics – it felt overwhelming. Could I trust in something greater to guide and protect me on such a journey? And then, the really big question: Could I afford it? In a life already so full, was there space for this leap of faith?

Jumping In With Both Feet 🚶‍♂️

Despite my worries and concerns, I took the plunge. Each preparation step was a mix of gratitude, anticipation and guilt. Would my body hold up? Would I be seen as foolish? Fast forward: I said yes, and found myself standing at the trailhead in Southern France, facing the formidable Pyrenees Mountains and my moment of reckoning: “Here goes. With Divine Guidance, let’s see where this path leads me today.” (And, I muttered, “in life.”)

The Unexpected Magic

What unfolded was nothing short of miraculous. Every uncertain corner I turned, every “Buen Camino” shared with another pilgrim, every mile I trod, there was another whisper of encouragement. The Divine wasn’t just with me; it was in every glorious step, in the wind, and in the faces of fellow pilgrims. Not simply a journey of miles walked, it was about transformation.

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Easy Rural Walking

Your Camino Awaits

If I could face my natural fears and thrive, so can you. The Camino is more than a trek; it’s discovering what lies beyond for oneself. Give yourself the rest and recharge you deserve; and celebrate life! Jump over to the trip page and click on the Camino Pilgrimage Tour Page.

Are you ready to take the first step? Join us this September. Let’s walk the Camino together.

Blessings and courage, ~ Sitabai

“The space of the present moment allowed for a connection with myself that was joyful and felt intimate. It gave me time to slowly notice what was going on in my body, mind, and spirit. Now that I am back in my regular life routine, I find myself walking slowly, moving more mindfully, listening more intently and open-heartedly.

Cynthia S, San Luis Obispo, 2019 Camino Pilgrim

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