Dick E, Palo Alto, California, Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim, 2019


I particularly enjoyed walking into the sun-kissed plaza in front of the Santiago Cathedral for the first time surrounded by other pilgrims. I felt I was surrounded by celebration and an incredible joyous energy! I also found walking through the ancient Castro (pre-roman Celtic fortified hilltop settlement) near the village of Castromaior located on a hilltop surrounded by beautiful wooded countryside, the presence of Celtic ancestors who inhabited these sites thousands of years ago, was very special for me. Walking day after day on the Camino de Santiago as part of my Camino Pilgrimage gave me the sense of seeing myself and my walk as part of an ancient stream of human existence and striving through pilgrimage to know the divine. I hope to keep the memory of this, intentional way of life with me always. I am also glad that we got to experience Muxia [at the End of the World], explore the hill above the town and the rebuilt church on the sea, and to learn the ancient role Muxia played in the pilgrimage tradition.

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