Saranya LC, Palo Alto, California, Camino de Santiago Pilgrim, 2019


One special memory for me on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage was the day we walked 9 miles. Before the trip I was concerned about my stamina and ability to keep up with the group and to complete this trek. That day I made good use of the affirmation we had been given and enlisted the help of [my source of Spirit] to keep me going. But the most fun of the day was when a fellow pilgrim started walking with me and suggested that we sing [sacred music] together while walking. How could I have enough breath and energy to sing while walking uphill? To my surprise, I discovered that I had more than enough of both. We found ourselves swinging our poles, walking with high steps, and chanting sacred music with great energy and joy. Our tasks everyday were simple and clear: eat, sleep, meditate, and walk (not in that order). That simplicity, regularity, and rhythm allowed us to go within and quiet our minds and hearts. At the end of the day, I felt myself exhale and relax into the arms of Divine Mother. This was the experience of a life time.

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