The Camino is a Canvas of Joy

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🎨The Camino: A Canvas for Your Soul

Picture the Camino as not just a walking path but a canvas, painting each day with brushstrokes of new colors of culture, nature, and spirit. Here, laughter is the melody of the journey, silence speaks volumes, and every step is a meditation, a dance, a leap towards something greater.

🌍A Tapestry of Connection

As you walk, your story, too, weaves itself into the Camino’s rich tapestry, joining you with the myriad of souls from across the globe all on this quest for meaning, connection, and unbridled joy. Our group’s pilgrim stories intertwine, where every mile we share is a memory etched in our soaring hearts.


🔥Ignite Your Spirit

As your guide, I promise a pilgrimage that goes miles beyond mere walking. Picture awe-inspiring moments, heartful pilgrim dinners each evening, and the freedom to discover your own unique Camino rhythm. This journey is about igniting our spirits, crafting experiences that resonate and awaken something special within each of us. Walk alone, walk together, we get it all.

🚶‍♀️Join My 6th Journey

My sixth Camino this September invites a very limited group of pilgrims to join me.  Jump over to the trip page and click on the Camino Pilgrimage Tour Page.

I’m excited for the paths we’ll explore together, ~Sitabai

“Walking the Camino in silence was one of the moments that carried me from a personal goal to a Spiritual Journey. The awareness of God’s gifts can be realized by “walking” in the Camino Spirit. I feel Life with God’s Perfect Presence is the Camino de Santiago. The commitment to the Journey and Sitabai’s Love of the Camino was inspiring and palpable. Her physical Energy on the Camino was transformed by her Spiritual Self.”

Lucy G, Lake Zurich, IL, 2019 Camino Pilgrimage Guest

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