Why Walk the Camino de Santiago? Transformation & Joy

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Answer the Camino’s call for a life-changing transformative journey this September. Walk, reflect, relax, and enjoy. What’s in it for you?

Why the Camino?

My love affair with the Camino de Santiago began in 2017, amidst a storm of newly-diagnosed, stress-induced, bilateral peripheral neuropathy. Despite my fulfilling life bustling with responsibilities, my health was a silent casualty.

“Say yes, and make it snappy!” was my credo, yet my body whispered a plea for respite.

Hit the Pause Button, Embark on a Pilgrimage

My neurologist’s prescription? A year-long sabbatical. An outrageous thought for a self-confessed Type-A. Yet, within three weeks, I had bid farewell to my job of 16 years.

I turned to my regular meditations and the tranquility of calmer pursuits. But adventure called my name – the Camino beckoned, from a gentle nudge to a must-do.

Happy Pilgrim Susie
Having fun on the day’s walk

Setting my Sights on Santiago

Fast forward six months, and there I stood at the start of the Camino Frances in southern France, trepidatious about the epic 800-mile Camino trail stretching before me. Over six weeks, I traversed breathtaking vistas, each step an unfathomable blessing towards healing the physical limitations of neuropathy and opening up abundant joy and gratitude once again in me.

As the saying goes, “The Camino provides.” I had experienced the transformative blessings of the Camino de Santiago.

Will You Walk with Me?

This September, I invite you to weave your personal journey into the Camino’s rich tapestry. Discover the profound wisdom of a path tread by countless pilgrims and find the joy and blessings of the Camino de Santiago. Jump over to the trip page and click on the Camino Pilgrimage Tour Page.

Are you ready to answer the call? Come with us for a remarkable soul trip in Spain. Blessings, Sitabai

“I appreciated the morning prayers at the start of our walks which helped make space for the divine. My highlight moment is being part of this amazing group, feeling the presence of the divine everywhere, so many breathtaking moments; there is not one moment or memory but a flood of them.”
Maureen N., Virginia, 2022 Pilgrimage Guest

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