Winter Now, Looking Towards Summer

Walking the Camino de Santiago Picture Camino Beauty

🦁 March is Here: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

I live in Northern California and we are currently in a huge winter storm with 10′ snow falling on nearby Donner Pass. It’s white out there! Despite the current snowfall, my thoughts loftily drift to the fertile green landscapes of the Camino.

Imagine the thrill of awakening to Spain’s crisp dawn, your steps mingling with the echoes of countless pilgrims who have traversed these paths before us. Don’t mistake this as just a holiday trek; it’s a journey of the heart. Along the way, expect laughter, moments of reflective silence, breathtaking vistas, and perhaps the discovery of a part of yourself lost in the fray of life.


👫 Join Our Camino Family

The joy and unity of our pilgrimage walking group are the heartbeat of this adventure. Become a cherished part of our Camino family in 2024. I’m looking forward to being your guide, sharing stories, and witnessing the joyous blossoming of your smiles.

Let’s experience the beauty of Spain together. I know the route extremely well and I’ll will point out the not-to-be-missed spots as well as give you the opportunity to engage with Spirit. Jump over to the trip page and click on the Camino Pilgrimage Tour Page.

Are you ready to take the first step? Join us!

With blessings and excitement for our journey together, ~Sitabai

“One of my highlight moments was walking Muxía’s hill [at the Celtic coast]. No one was there, only the sound of the sea, the church bell and a slight wind. I took those moments to imprint forever the magical days walking on the Camino on my heart and in my mind. I will never forget that moment or the Camino pilgrimage. The world softened for me on the Camino. I felt a sense of deepened peace that has stayed with me. “Buen Camino” is heard as a song in my heart! Thank you for a life changing pilgrimage! Ultreia!”

Barbara B, Washington, 2019 Camino Pilgrimage Guest

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